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"Pomodoro" - 25 minute session

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Have you heard of The Pomodoro Method? It was invented by a productivity expert who realized he was most productive when he broke up complex tasks into manageable 25-minute chunks, followed by breaks.

Perhaps you've got a task to do, but you've been putting it off or have been challenged to make time for it, keep getting distracted... If that the case, then this package is for you. We will tag team your challenge and get a lot done during a highly focused short work session together.

5-Hour Package (Best Private Coaching Value)

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This package includes a rather in-depth (2-hour) initial strategy meeting, followed by (3) 1-hour follow up sessions. We can really dig into your specific marketing needs and spend time on areas of greatest concern over multiple sessions. Especially recommended for: start ups, overhauling a marketing plan or a new product launch.

55 Minute Session

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We can get a little deeper here than with a "quick answer" session, but an hour goes by fast! So we'll still need to focus. We can probably cover up to 3 or 4 short issues or dig in on 1 issue in particular that you need help with.

Please prepare for the session by bringing realistic expectations about what can be accomplished. Gather notes, log on credentials, screen shots or any other pertinent information so we can use our time as effectively as possible.

CoThrive Monthly Membership

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Best value! Access to virtual office hours, currently offering 6 hours per week in an online group setting. Members RSVP for 15-minute slots and can ask whatever question they need help with related to online marketing, strategy, branding, etc. Members are welcome to remain for the entire session and often learn valuable information from other members' questions. Members receive additional benefits, such as discounts (up to 50%) on private consulting prices.

LinkedIn Profile Review

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Your LinkedIn profile can operate as your silent salesperson, tirelessly working for you 24/7 to attract potential clients. If your profile isn't optimized, you may never be found. If you don't write compelling copy, even if you're found, you may not be chosen as someone who makes it to the short list of vendors to consider. Don't let this happen to you! Taking a few steps up front will help ensure you get the visibility you deserve.

In this 55-minute session, we will make your profile the best it can be. I will assign follow up steps for you to complete outside of our session as well.