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Social Media Marketing Tune Up

Your business changes. Social media platforms change. What worked well for you last year may not work any longer due to an algorithm change or something else... We recommend you get a "tune up" at least once a year to make sure everything is running as well as it should.

This package includes an in-depth strategy meeting (conducted online) where we will review your goals and objectives as well as current efforts and resources available to help you get there. From there you will receive a summary strategy with concrete action steps as well as recommended next steps which we will review together in a separate online meeting. Especially recommended for: start ups, overhauling a marketing plan or a new product launch.

About Kathy Sipple, My Social Media Coach:

Kathy has conducted hundreds of tune ups for satisfied clients since starting her business in 2009. She brings 30 years of sales and marketing experience and has been certified as a Google Analytics partner, Hubspot Inbound Marketing expert and has a diploma from Hootsuite University as well. A student of permaculture, she brings a concern for sustainability into each client's situation; in short, she doesn't want you to work any harder than you have to! She is a member of Mensa, co-author of several Amazon best selling books including "Conscious Business Growth" and has a BA from the University of Michigan.